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Patricia Loh explaining the treatment to the patient.
Patricia Loh and a young patient. Children respond well to herbal medicine.
Consulting A Herbalist

What Happens During A Consultation?

Even though herbs are ideal for self-help use in many minor health complaints, there are times when professional advice from a qualified herbalist is needed. Modern clinical herbalists treat a wide range of conditions, from relatively mild conditions such as recurrent infections, gastritis and menstrual pain to more serious ones, like high blood pressure, infertility, depression and cancer.
There are many similarities between visiting a herbalist and seeing a conventional doctor, except that the consultation with the herbalist would last much longer. Herbal medicine is a holistic therapy - this means that equal attention is given to the physical body, mental health and emotional wellbeing. The herbalist will ask about the person's medical history, diet, lifestyle, stress management etc. Indeed, the approach taken by most herbalists is akin to that of an old-fashion family physician....Careful listening, interjected with relevant questions, are important to help uncover the symptoms and trace the root of the problem. Any existing drug/medication from a conventional doctor will also be noted by the herbalist. This step is essential so that there is no incompatibility between drugs and any herbal medicine prescribed.
As part of the consultation, the herbalist may also advice on appropriate dietary and/or lifestyle changes, recommend stress management and/or complementary therapies to facilitate the healing response. It is highly recommended that the patient participates and learns to take responsibility for his/her own health. After all, healing is a two-way process!

Patricia Loh, Clinical Herbalist

Patricia Loh obtained her first degree in Pharmacology from the University of Aberdeen, UK. She then took a diploma in Herbal Medicine at the Wild Rose College of Natural Healing, Canada, and went on to graduate in high-standing. Currently, she is completing a course in Advanced Herbal Medicine offered by the University of New England, Australia.
Patricia has been practising as a clinical herbalist for the last 9 years. She operates a thriving natural and holistic clinic, specializing in the field of herbal medicine, in SS19 Subang Jaya and is kept busy with health consultations.
Patricia was a regular columnist in The Star and The Sun newspapers writing on the subject close to her heart - herbs for healing. Since 2003, she has been writing regularly in the health magazine, OH! Only Health.
Patricia is also a well known educator in the area of natural healthcare. She is frequently invited to give health talks to the public and has been a constant guest lecturer at UiTM since 2004.

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